About Us

Scotlandkilt is known for custom-made kilts and their related accessories. Our aim is to provide our customers with their desired products exactly according to their desires. We are selling customized kilts, Jackets, Ghillie Shirts, Brogues, Belts, etc.... each product is customized for each customer without any extra charges. We are providing traditional dresses to Scottish People especially those who are living abroad and have not access to in touch with their motherland,s traditional dresses abroad in very good quality and at reasonable prices. We have a vast range of Tartan kilts of Scottish and Irish Clans and Utility, Hybrid, Camo, Leather Kilts for Modern kilts lovers. We have a very good team of experts who are well aware of the traditional dresses of Scotland. We always try to introduce new innovations in the kilt industry, especially in Utility Kilts to meet the demands of new fashions. You will find our tremendous and user-friendly customer services like 24/7 chat support and quick response team for order status inquiries and shipping information. Hope your shopping experience with us would be delightful and memorable forever. Select from our range of top-quality Modern Kilts, Tartan Kilts, Utility Kilts, Fashion Kilts, Hybrid Kilts, Leather Kilts, Traditional Kilts. You can also buy belts, buckles, pins, shoes, shirts, jackets, vests, and outfits from our store https://scotlandkilt.com